Common Ground Common Future

Applying Storytelling In Conflict and Polarisation
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Peter Frühmann, Arjen Barel, Ovidiu Gavrilovici, Heidi Dahlsveen, Bjeshka Guri, Eleni Kalesi
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NIET MEER LEVERBAAR | Almost everything in the pplaying field of conflict and polarisation is fuelled and propelled by stories and narratives: personal lives, identities, interactions, economy, religions, cultures and more. These narratives can build individuals and communities, identities and value systems. But they can also bring it all down and drive a wedge between groups in societies.

In times of crisis, conflict and polarisation, it may pay for those involved to share and analyse stories to find common ground and a common future, sustainable and safe for all. And it just might be that the current pandemic and the climate crisis are the chance to change systems and system narratives, re-constructing them one story at a time.

Belief in that may lag behind. However, if we understand the causes and drivers of conflict and polarisation (e.g. language, emotions, memories), we might be able to initiate and support the desired change.

The contributions of the partners to the content of this book are based on the most recent and relevant experiences in partners of the, (current) literature of researchers from various disciplines, and experienced practitioners in the field.



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Publicatiejaar: 2021
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