The World is Storytelling

How sharing stories can contribute to personal growth and social impact
Meerdere auteurs
Arjen Barel, Ronni Gurwicz, Stu Packer


The World is Storytelling offers a fresh perspective on the ancient art of storytelling. Co-authored by Arjen Barel, Ronni Gurwicz, and Stu Packer, coaches and colleagues at Storytelling Centre Amsterdam, this book takes readers on a fascinating journey through the theory and practice of storytelling in our modern world.

Whether you’re interested in job creation, language learning, conflict resolution, or simply enjoy folk tales, this book is a snappy, engaging, and insightful exploration of the power of storytelling.

Drawing on personal experiences and years of workshop case studies, this book is the ideal companion for anyone interested in the art of storytelling and its impact on the world.


Uitgever: Uitgeverij it&fb
Taal: Engels
Publicatiejaar: 2023
Uitvoering: Paperback
Aantal bladzijden: 312
ISBN: 9789064039577