.in which dimension are we dancing

Sarah Ringoet
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.in which dimension are we dancing is Ringoet’s second work in English, a collection of poems and theatre texts; darkness, solitude and the search for genuine connection. The verse has urgency and narrative momentum, is heartfelt and is at times devastating, at times witty.
Sarah Ringoet (Belgium, 1977) is a theatre director, performer and playwright living in Amsterdam. She teaches physical theatre and text at the Amsterdam University of the Arts where she also is a mentor and advisor. Ringoet’s performances have been nominated for the VSCD Mimeprijs and the BNG Nieuwe Theatermakersprijs. In 2014 STRIPPED was released, a first collection of Dutch and Flemish theatre texts, followed by Min 2015. In 2020 Sarah Ringoet wrote the official Dutch theatre text for Jihad for Love, based on the best selling book A Jihad for Love by Mohamed El Bachiri & David van Reybrouck.
In 2021 NOT | STILL was published, Ringoet’s first work in English: a trilogy of raw, intimate and poetical monologues about desire and loss


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Taal: Engels
Publicatiejaar: 2022
Uitvoering: Paperback
Aantal bladzijden: 72
ISBN: 9789064039447