Writing in the raw

The myths of writing
Nirav Christophe


How to write a successful novel. How to write a film script and sell it into the bargain. Books teaching you how to write literature are in. The titles scramble over one another in their pretentiousness. One promises to reveal The Writer’s Secret; another shamelessly makes a link between Zen and the Art of Creative Writing.
These books saddle authors with impossible tasks: any writer worth his salt is, naturally, entirely original, suffers for his writing, is subtle and professional in his work, neither superficial nor insipid, but wise and unfathomably profound.
In Writing in the Raw, Nirav Christophe shows how you can learn to write better and more quickly by consistently breaking with these myths and identification with your own writing than by adopting rules, regulations and pearls of wisdom.
Writing in the Raw is a book for anyone wishing to approach and practice writing professionally. It is aimed at literary writers of all levels and from all genres.
It provides profound insight into writing processes and, with its emphasis on direct, contemporary and colloquial language, it is also a good manual for playwriting.
Since its initial publication in the Dutch language, in 2003, Writing in the Raw has proved a controversial book, with innumerable unconventional ideas on the writing process and unorthodix theories, tips and exercises, each and every one exploding the myth of authorship. The book is widely used for writing courses and credited by many writers. 


Uitgever: HKUpress
Taal: Engels
Publicatiejaar: 2008
Uitvoering: Paperback
Vertaler: Rosalind Buck
Aantal bladzijden: 168
ISBN: 9789064037122